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Model: Amma's Oinment
Amma's Healing oil is a traditional healing ointment that has been passed down from generation to generation in our family. It has been widely used for a number of ailments to great success. It heals cuts, burns, sores and wounds. This ointment is painstakingly prepared over days using pure coconut ..
Ex Tax:RM35.00
Model: Argan Oil Mask - Moisturizer
# Repair damaged hair# Nourishes & Detangle# Hair Volume Increase# Help to split end..
Ex Tax:RM89.90
Model: Malai Cream Soap Sri Sri Tattava
Malai Cream Soap Sri Sri Tattava.A product from India...
Ex Tax:RM10.50
Model: Mouth Freshener
Mouth Freshener Say goodbye to bad breath with Sri Sri Tattva This sugar-free formulation helps keep your breath fresh for a long time by fighting the bad breath-causing bacteria. Feel a blast of freshness in your mouth anytime anywhere with Sri Sri Tattva Mouth Freshener...
Ex Tax:RM8.00
Model: Natural Moringa Lotion
# A lotion that will increase skin collagen production # Skin and tissue repair# Promote cell regeneration# Source of antioxidant# Skin Moisturizing..
Ex Tax:RM58.50
Model: Pillay's Argan Oil for Hair Care ( Deep Care )
Purify and revitalise the hair scalp- Reduce hair oil- Stimulate hair growth- Smooth, silk & soft hair- Frizzy hair- Strong Scalp..
Ex Tax:RM109.90
Model: Pillay's Argan Oil Set
Combination set of Argan Oil Shampoo + Argan Oil Mask + Argan Oil for Hair Care..
Ex Tax:RM264.00
Model: Argan Oil Shampoo
Purify and revitalize the hair & scalp- Deeply cleanse- Removing impurities- Water balance- Strengthen scalp- Treat dry scalp..
Ex Tax:RM89.90
Model: Rejuvenating Night Cream Sri Sri Tattva
It's a combination of Aloe Vera, Almond, Cucumber and Rose that relaxes skin overnight by reviving and revitalising it, making it radiant and beautiful...
Ex Tax:RM25.00
Model: Virgin Coconut Oil Sri Sri Tattva
Made from Natural, organically grown coconuts. Sri Sri Tattva organic virgin coconut oil helps in conditioning the skin and hair. Excellent choice for massaging babies. Retain your skin's moisture and maintain the luster of your hair...
Ex Tax:RM30.00
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